Waring Pro TCO650 Digital For Sale
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Energy Saving Efficiency

The Waring Pro TCO650 Digital Convection Oven offers a lot of function for a modest amount of space on the kitchen counter. It can hold a 12 inch pizza or 6 slices of bread for toasting. It has convection style air circulation, so it can actually replace your full-sized kitchen oven for many purposes. You can use it for perfectly turned-out baked goods as well as meat entrees like roasts and chickens.

Easy to Understand Dials

The large digital display on this Waring Pro convection oven is easy to read and has a clock and a 60-minute timer. The touch pad buttons are simple and mimic the microwave setup we are all used to. It will take no time at all for you to understand how this countertop oven works which means you’ll be enjoying your evenly cooked foods in no time.


Convection, Broil and More

This oven works well for a variety of functions. It toasts evenly to the desired shade. The convection oven feature means that baked goods come out evenly done, probably even better than your standard oven. The broiler works well, giving you a lot of options for delicious meals.

Simple Design

The easy to understand button pad is a major strength of this unit. Unlike some other models, you’ll never get confused while figuring out which buttons to press. Also, the overall design of this toaster oven is sleek and streamlined. It looks good on the countertop.

Reliable Quality

This is a toaster oven that can stand up to replacing the standard kitchen oven in a lot of situations. You can rely on it for everyday use. This makes it a good option for a single or couple who want to quit using the full-sized oven every day, or for a family that needs an additional appliance during busy times.


Beeping Noise

Depending on your situation, this may or may not be a weakness. The alert bell when food is done is very loud. If you live in a house with a bunch of noisy teenagers, or you’re an older person with hearing loss, you may appreciate the loud ding. But if you have a sleeping baby within earshot, you may not like this feature.

Toaster Heating Issues

Although the convection oven feature and broiling function seem to work perfectly, it may be harder to get a nice even heat when using the toasting function. You may notice overly-cooked edges and underdone middles.

Overall Review

This is a solid choice in countertop convection ovens. It is designed with simple and easy to understand buttons that won’t be difficult for you to figure out. The convection oven feature cooks a wide variety of food options evenly and efficiently so you can use your standard kitchen oven less. The Waring Pro TCO650 Digital Convection Oven may not be the best countertop oven for making toast, and if you are concerned about loud noises you might not appreciate the very loud beep it makes when food is ready.