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Sleek Stainless Steel Accents

The Cuisinart VS-100 Vacuum Sealer is a pretty, compact and modern looking appliance. With its black and stainless steel design, the VS-100 is pretty to look at and easy to use. It is aesthetically appealing and doesn’t take up a lot of counter space. It is a small appliance that does exactly what it is designed to do without much need to use a lot of gadgets.

Easy Sealing at the Touch of a Button

With its simple three-button operation and built-in cutter, the Cuisinart VS-100 is an easy to use sealer designed to extract air to seal in all flavors and textures for great fresh food all year round.

Features and Accessories

The VS-100 Vacuum sealer comes with two 11in x 10ft rolls, two 8in x 10ft rolls, a bag cutter and accessory port and hose. Extra rolls can be easily purchased online. An integrated drip tray is included to make sure that the process is made smooth and easy to clean.

Things to Consider About This Device

It is small. Therefore, the bag rolls that are included with it don’t have any storage space within the appliance. The bag cutter is very simple and it might be a good idea to have extra scissors just in case, as the cutter itself isn’t heavy duty. Expect to either use a cord attachment or plan ahead where to place it since the cord is short and doesn’t give a lot of leeway on where to set it on the counter.

Practice Makes Perfect

It is worthy to point out that it is important to be familiar with the item and precautions to be able to use the vacuum sealer with easy. It is a simple step of placing items in the vacuum bag, open the appliance and locking the bag firmly. After that it is just a matter of deciding which function to use and wait to see how the air is being sucked out of the bags and food is safely stored away ready to use another day. It may take some trial and error but after some practice, the Cuisinart VS-100 Vacuum Food Sealer becomes very easy to use and a staple in any kitchen.

Overall Verdict

The Cuisinart VS-100 Black Vacuum Food Sealer is a simple, convenient and easy to use appliance that doesn’t exactly what it is supposed to do. The black and stainless steel surface and simple three buttons make the appliance attractive on any counter in any modern kitchen. The cord is short so planning in advance where the vacuum sealer will be placed is important. The drip tray included makes operating and cleaning easy. This vacuum sealer is a great simple appliance for those looking for a way to keep food feeling and tasting fresh longer, without needing to clean up the bank.