GameSaver Deluxe Vacuum Sealing Kit
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The Vacuum Sealer for the Sportsman

The FoodSaver GameSaver sealing kit has been made especially for the fishermen and hunters who’ve worked hard for their game and wouldn’t want it to go to waste after all their hard work. The GameSaver Deluxe features an easy press-and-release system that is hands-free to be used to seal fish, game meat and freshly picked vegetables to prevent them from freezer burn with its airtight seal. It is also perfect to protect, save and store clothing or items needed by the sportsmen such as first-aid equipment and matches.

The Extras

The FoodSaver GameSaver comes with an accessory port and hose to be used with other FoodSaver canisters. A 11in x 10ft roll is included as well as pre-cut 5 gallon and 5 quart bags that can be used in the microwave, boiled or frozen. An informational video is included as well.

Strong Sealing for Heavy Duty Food Storing

The vacuum in the GameSaver is strong and works fast. It comes with a built-in cutter to make it easier to customize bags according to the amount or type of food being stored. It is a heavy and wider machine than usual to be able to handle heavier duty jobs.

Powerful and Quiet Machine

For a machine as powerful as this one, the FoodSaver Game Saver vacuum sealing system works smoothly and quietly without sacrificing strength.

Things to Keep In Mind When Storing Liquids

It is important to keep the appliance clean and dry. Juices from the meats, fish and poultry may get into the pump and slowly take away from the machine and they seals could fuse together and require replacement sooner than it would have been if the GameSaver had been handled with care. It is important to use the Moist function when sealing juicier types of food. For even easier sealing and storing, moist or juicy foods such as meats, vegetables and fruits can be frozen beforehand.

Different Functions for a Customized Experience

The FoodSaver GameSaver system has different handy functions: One to set the speed from Fast to Normal and one for the type of food from Moist to Dry. This way the GameSaver can make sure foods will be treated accordingly. This vacuum sealing system also features a Canister function to be used with the hose port and a Manual Seal that is used to only seal bags without vacuuming air out of them.

Overall Verdict

The FoodSaver GameSaver is a perfect sealing system that is powerful enough to do heavy duty jobs but quietly enough to not be a bother. This sealing system features a pre-built cutter to be used with the heat-seal rolls for optimal customization of bags. This sealing system was designed with a huntsmen and fishermen in mind but can be a great addition in a kitchen to help preserve foods and different items for a later time.