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Rugged, Strong Design

The FoodSaver Professional Vacuum Sealer has been designed and inspired with the sportsman in mind. The rugged design has made to handle heavy duty jobs. It has improved performance and a system that can handle multiple, consecutive jobs with easy.

Features and Accessories

The Professional Vacuum Sealer features oversized buttons and a removable extra-deep drip tray that is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. A built-in roller holder and cutter are included to make custom-size bags easily. A bag roll is 11in x 20ft, 1-gallong bags, 1-quart bags, accessory hose and manual are included with the machine.

Not Exactly “Outdoorsy”

This unit doesn’t come with a DC adapter cord so unless you purchase it separately, taking this out in the field would be impossible.



This Professional Vacuum Sealer is very easy to use. The over-sized buttons are on the top. One is to seal and the other to vacuum and seal. All you have to do is use the seal button so that it makes one side of the bag, then use the cutting strip to cut the bag at the length necessary. The Vacuum and seal button is later used to finish the process by removing the air and sealing the bag. The included accessory hose can be used with the FoodSaver canisters for storage or to easily marinate meats in a matter of minutes.

Stores Different Types of Food

This vacuum sealer easily handles sealing a good number of bags right after the other with no downtime in between. The Seal Only feature is good to repackage didn’t items or bags that don’t need sealing or to reclose potato chip bags. The bags are multi-ply and they works to simmer, microwave, freeze and store without them ripping apart. For liquid or juicy meats and juice or softer foods like bread, it is recommended to freeze them before vacuuming and sealing.


No DC Adapter

The Professional sealer does its job as it makes it really easy to seal and store without much downtime or overheating. Only downside is that it is advertised as an “Outdoor” or for the “Sportsman” model but yet it doesn’t include the DC adapter to make it easy to bring it outdoors to pack your game right on the field.

Overall Review

The FoodSaver Professional Vacuum Sealer is a good machine with a rugged build and can handle more seals than other models without overheating. Because it is an “Outdoor” style it isn’t as flashy or pretty as other models and it is pretty large: About 8.5in wide and 21.5in long, making this not very fit for a small countertop or for the casual user. The fact that it has built-in storage for bag rolls and a cutter makes it really convenient to customize the size of the bags that need to be vacuumed and sealed. It isn’t a quiet machine but not as loud other sealers.