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Straightforward and Simple Sealer

For the sportsmen, there’s the GameSaver and the Professional, but for most people who just want a vacuum sealer that works and that is straightforward, there is the Seal-a-Meal Vacuum Sealer. The FSSMSL0160-000 is a simple vacuum sealer that works for only and exactly just that.

Easy to Use and Clean

The machine features a removable drip tray for easy cleaning, indicator lights and a simple Press/Hold Release system. It is a sleek, straightforward unit that removes air from the bag, and then seals it to keep it tasting fresh much longer than with regular storing methods.

Great Introduction to Vacuum Sealing

The Seal-a-Meal works great to help plan meals ahead of time or to save leftover from dinner. The taste and nutrients stay packed in the food so that the next time it is defrosted or heated up, it will taste just like it had just been made. Meats, fish, cheese, cookies and even important documents, silverware or jewelry can be stored using this method. It is a basic model that serves as a perfect introduction to the vacuum sealing process.

Simple Operation

The vacuum sealer is very easy to use. Simply add food to bag. Place the open end of the bag in the drip tray so that it can catch any spilled juices. Lower the lid and then press both sides so that the hands-free sealing process can begin. The Open/Cancel button raises the lid to remove the sealed bag. The sealer can accommodate gallon-size bags and rolls, 8in bags, 11in and quart-size. Four quart-bags are included to get you started.

Cleaning is a Breeze

The Seal-a-Meal features an easy to clean smooth surface that wipes effortlessly and a removable drip trap to catch any liquid overflow and is dishwasher free. These features make this unit a quick, convenient clean-up. It is a simple unit that is attractive and will fit well into any kitchen counter, cabinet or pantry. The white and gray surface will not clash with other appliances and is pretty to look at.

No Extra Accessories

It doesn’t come with a few useful things like an accessory hose or built-in bag storage and cutter but for those who only want the basics, this unit will vacuum and seal easily.

Overall Verdict

The Seal-a-Meal FSSMSL0160-000 Vacuum Sealer is a simple machine that works perfectly to vacuum and seal away food to store, freeze or refrigerate for later use. The unit is small and will fit different sized bags but doesn’t have any way to store them or cut within the appliance. For the beginner or casual user that only want their vacuum sealer to do only that, this is a perfect match. It is basic and easy to use. The hands-free sealing is done quick and effortless. It is also very easy to clean, the surface wipes clean with a towel and the drip tray is top rack dishwasher-safe making this unit a great, simple little machine that works like the big ones, minus all the extra details.