VacMaster PRO260 Reviews
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Commercial Power for the Kitchen

The VacMaster PRO260 Suction Vacuum Sealer is a versatile, almost commercial appliance but perfect for heavy duty jobs in the kitchen. The PRO260 lets the user control their own experience by allowing them to adjust the settings for more customized vacuum packaging results. It has a very strong vacuuming power making it perfect to pack meats, vegetables and other items in no time.


This vacuum sealer offers settings for a hands-free, one-button operation for vacuuming and marinating. The PRO260 features a built in cutter and roll storage. This unit can use rolls and bags up to 12in wide. An assortment of 20 full mesh storage bags are included with the appliance.

Liquids Can Be Harder to Vacuum Seal

It is very important to freeze liquids or very juicy foods with this machine as it is very powerful and sealing liquids can become troublesome. You must go the extra mile when trying to vacuum and seal liquids or very juicy foods and freezing them beforehand to make sure no liquids get on the sealing strip preventing the unit to seal the bags properly. The pulse button can be used to control how much power to use when vacuuming certain foods.

Before Purchasing

It is noticeable louder than other vacuum sealers so it may take time getting used to it. The bag storage compartment is a convenient feature but must make sure to buy rolls that fit it since certain VacMaster refill rolls don’t fit in this space. The bag’s don’t roll out like other units do, but instead you have to open the storage compartment to get the roll and cut. The surface wipes clean easily but the drip tray is not removable so it is not as effortless to clean as other models.

Large and Bulky

It is a large appliance and somewhat bulky so it may not look the best in smaller kitchens. It can also be a pain to store this since it is heavy. In a larger kitchen, the PRO260 is a perfect fit for a person or family that vacuum and seal several things often.

Overall Verdict

All in all, the PRO260 is a bulky, big machine that might be difficult to keep on the kitchen counter all the time. The LED indicator comes in handy to let you know that the appliance is plugged in or when it is on. It is simple and easy to use. The controls are straightforward and allow for vacuum times and speed customization. It is strong but it is important to read the manual and instructions to make sure you are getting the best out of the machine. When in use with container, this machine can marinate meats in minutes by alternating pushing air and vacuuming to force the marinade into all the muscle fibers for best meat tenderizing. It is a perfect vacuum sealing system for heavy duty users and for beginners that want more from their vacuum sealer machine.