Ziploc V151
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Ziplock Makes Sealing Fun & Easy

The Ziplock V151 is a quality and very affordable vacuum sealer on the market. This vacuum sealer is small, powerful and works great to vacuum, seal and store food to help keep it fresh longer all year round and works great for other items as well.

Functions and Features

This sealing system features a one-touch vacuum and an instant seal button that work together with the Pulse button to customize the vacuuming and sealing experience according to the food and type of food that is being stored. The V151 also features LED lights that change colors to indicate what function the machine is running.


Multipurpose Bags

The bags that come with the unit are perfect for microwaving, boiling and simmering food so that it can be easy to heat the food right when needed. More bags are easily found online and stores and many generic brands are compatible with this vacuum sealer.

Great Pulse Function

The Pulse function is great to seal juicy or liquid foods by letting you manually control the vacuuming process without making a mess. While it is easier to vacuum and seal liquids that have been frozen beforehand, the V151 does give you the option to skip this step with this function. It may take some practice and trial and error to get acquainted with the unit but it is worth taking the time.

Simple and Compact Model

The Ziploc vacuum sealer is a simple and compact model. It doesn’t take up a lot of kitchen space and it is easy to store. The square shape and white/gray color makes the V151 look very modern so it can effortlessly match any kitchen décor and color palette.


No Built-In Storage or Cutter

Because this is a simple model, there is not built-in bag storage or cutter included with the machine but there are many pre-cut bags in the market to still make this model easy to use. The V151 does everything a vacuum sealer need to do but without the bells and whistles of bigger models. The accessory port that is included with this unit is not compatible with other brand’s canisters so it is important to research and purchase ones that are compatible with it.

Overall Review

This vacuum sealer is very strong and is one of the most affordable sealers on the market. It is compact and modern so it looks good on any kitchen counter be it a small apartment or a larger kitchen. It stores easily since it doesn’t take up much cabinet or pantry space. The Pulse function is a feature that doesn’t show up in a lot of these vacuum sealers but it is an incredible function that allows for easier vacuuming of juicy or liquid food items as well as more delicate ones, preventing messes or food to be flattened out during use. Overall it is a great and simple but powerful vacuum sealer for even the less experienced users that will give great results for a very affordable price.