Double Flip Waffle Maker
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Convenient, easy-to-clean waffle maker with two cooking plates, a rotating cooking system, and excellent safety features

Making fresh, delicious waffles at home is easy with the Black & Decker WMD200B Double Flip waffle maker. It has two cooking plates so you can cook two waffle at once using a rotating cooking system. It also has great safety features so younger members of the family can use the maker without fear of burning themselves. With a good recipe you can make perfect waffles with this waffle iron.

Dual-cooking plates

With the dual-cooking plates, you are basically getting two waffle makers in one. The Double Flip is constructed of two sets of double-sided plates that each cook a waffle. This makes breakfast preparation fast and easy.

Rotate & Cook cooking system

Another part of the Double Flip’s design is the Rotate & Cook cooking system. This system uses gravity to cook up perfect, airy waffles with great texture and taste. Both waffles will be evenly-cooked.

Drip tray

Waffles use batter and making them in another maker might result in drips and spills. The Double Flip is equipped with a drip tray so your countertops stay clean. Wash the drip tray by just wiping it down after you’re finished.


More waffles faster

Cooking waffles with the Black & Decker Double Flip cuts cooking time in half. Instead of having to stick to making one waffle at a time, you make two, so cooking breakfast goes by quickly and your hunger is abated.


Anytime you’re cooking with hot equipment and food, there’s a little risk. The Black & Decker WMD200B Double Flip tries to make this process safer by adding cool-touch handles and a handle lock so if you brush against the handle, you won’t burn yourself, and the waffles stay locked inside the waffle maker while they cook. A red light alerts you when the waffle maker is plugged in, and a green light lets you know it’s ready to cook.

Space for toppings

One of the cool features of the waffle maker is that it has extra-deep grids. These create waffles with lots of room for toppings like syrup, fruit, peanut butter, and so on. Syrup will pool into these grids and fruit will stay centered so you can get a full, delicious breakfast right on your waffle.


Higher price tag

The one downside to the waffle maker is that it’s a bit more expensive than other regular waffle makers. It costs more along the lines of what a Belgian waffle maker would cost. This price is justified by the waffle maker’s dual-cooking plates and safety features, so it might be worth it for you.

Overall Review

Overall, the Black & Decker WMD200B waffle maker is a sturdy, fast waffle maker that makes two delicious waffles with deep grids in minutes. Toppings fit right on top and flavor the whole waffle. The Double Flip is safe, has cool handles, and is easy to clean after you’ve enjoyed your breakfast.