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A versatile appliance for more than just waffles

Today we will take a look at the Calphalon No Peek Waffle Maker and analyze its different features, pros and cons to help users decide whether this is the right choice for them. One of the most professional kitchen appliances on the market, this iron presents restaurant-quality features which will please experienced cooks. Fortunately, it is simple enough for novice chefs to operate as well. With this unit, you can finally wake up to a fresh albeit rapidly cooked breakfast every morning, including weekdays. Best of all, this iron can be used to make pancakes, sandwiches or to reheat cinnamon rolls and frozen waffles.

Bronze plates and an Opti-Heat system for flawless food

This iron is equipped with bronze plates to enhance the quality of your food. Reaching the perfect temperature for extra-thick waffles can be quite challenging, but the bronze non-stick coating optimizes the baking process. The high-performance plates ensure an even heat distribution and lessens the cooking time, something which busy users will be grateful for. They are heavy enough to press firmly against the batter, hence preventing air bubbles and unnecessary rising. Thanks to the Opti-Heat system, your waffles will be flawlessly cooked. Like its name suggests, there is no need to constantly open the iron and peek at your food because the plates ensure that the batter is cooked to perfection.

LED Indicators and Cord Storage

The iron boasts of a series of LED indicator lights which are designed to let the cook indulge in other activities while the waffles bake away. The indicators do not merely notify you when the waffles are ready, but they also allow you to keep track of the cooking progress. This way, users will be able to know exactly how brown their food is turning without having to open the iron and let out heat. Another LED indicator will notify the user when the plates are preheated prior to baking. The waffle maker lets out a gentle but loud chime when your food is done. It is also equipped with a practical cord storage system destined to help you to avoid any unnecessary hassle.

Manual 3-Temperature Settings and Non-Stick surface

One of the best features about this unit is its manual, fully-adjustable temperature setting. This ensures that each member of your family has the exact type and consistency of waffle that he or she wants. Instead of displaying the temperature degrees, this unit allows users to choose between the ‘Light’, ‘Medium’ or ‘Dark Brown’ options. This feature is handy for anyone who is unfamiliar with baking. The appliance promises a non-stick surface which is guaranteed to cook your treats without an ounce of oil or butter

Rapid heating time and Auto Shut off

With this particular product, users won’t have to wonder about whether they turned the iron off or not. Indeed, it is equipped with an auto shut off system which eliminates fire hazards while preventing the food from getting burned. The iron also comes with a rapid heating feature which means that you can turn your batter into waffles in just a few short minutes. This yields a predictable cooking pattern which cooks can get used to in a matter of days.

Drawbacks: Requires careful cleaning

With a plethora of helpful features, the iron has more benefits than cons. The only thing to deplore is the cleaning process. The bronze plates are of quite high quality which means that they need some extra care during washing up. Users should refrain from using brushes or rough bristles. A sponge or wet flannel is more than enough to clear off any splatter.

Is the iron worth the investment?

If you’re looking for a reliable and solid waffle maker, this product is worth the investment. In fact, thanks to the non-stick coating, health-conscious users will be able to use thicker batters made from whole grain or buckwheat. The waffle squares are flexible enough for several other type of food or simply to reheat your previous batch. The Calphalon No Peek Waffle Maker is made from Stainless Steel and comes in silver and black. It is available on Amazon and the manufacturer offers a one year warranty on this product. This iron does lives up to its excellent reputation and can be considered as a handy addition to any household.