Classic Round Waffle Maker
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Professional quality waffle maker with recipes included

This review will explore the Cuisinard Classic Round Waffle Maker in depth while taking into consideration its most popular features and drawbacks. Perfect for making your own waffles from scratch or for reheating a previous batch, this item allows quite a lot of flexibility for your desired texture. Some users might understandably be hesitant prior to purchasing this product and might not expect much of it mainly because of its relatively affordable price. But, quite on the contrary, this waffle maker yields excellent results and maintains a surprisingly solid build quality.

Solid and durable quality

The quality is quite impressive with a gleaming stainless steel surface in brushed black and silver. The iron offers quite an ergonomic grip to limit any accident or spillage. Storage is also quite easy, no matter how small your kitchen is. Other than the detailed instructions booklet, this item even comes with a handy recipe book that contains a plethora of recipes such as buttery golden waffles or much healthier, buckwheat ones, something which budding chefs will undoubtedly appreciate.

Fail proof batches every single time with the weighed lids

This waffle maker is helpfully equipped with weighed lids to keep any unnecessary rising at bay. Indeed, the lids are rather on the bulky side and they help press the batter together to keep the waffles light and crispy with a soft, fluffy interior. Most importantly, the lids are secure enough to prevent any spills while ensuring even browning.

Five browning settings for more control

The problem with most waffle makers is that users rarely have any control over the cooking process. The great majority of irons have automatic temperature regulators that very rarely deliver the sort of food that customers want. This particular product, however, features no less than five control settings, hence allowing users to select the exact temperature that they needed. So, whether you chose to put the setting on high for crispy waffles or low for doughy ones, you’ll certainly end up with the exact sort of texture that you like. The browning setting is also very easily accessible and lightly textured for a firm grip.

Convenient design for easy storage

This waffle maker is also compact enough to facilitate storage. In fact, this iron can be flipped in a vertical position before resting right on the counter or in cabinet. Customers will also appreciate the handy cord storage system which prevents any tangles. Instead of fussing about with the cord, all you have to do is stand the waffle maker on end and wrap the cord at the very base. The locking handle on the device will prevent any dust from settling on the plates even if you don’t use the iron for a long time.

Dual Indicator Lights and Nonstick plates

This waffle iron also boasts of nonstick plates which release the waffles in one piece and with minimal greasing. The nonstick coating is also very durable and shows no sign of wearing out even after months of continuous usage. More importantly, the waffle maker is equipped with dual indicator lights, hence allowing the user to keep track of the cooking process without constantly having to lift the lid. The iron even has a ‘ready to bake’ indicator which turns yellow when the plates are hot enough to receive the batter.

Fast, easy cleaning

While the small holes dotted across the waffle plates might initially seem hard to wash, the non-stick coating is actually efficient enough for easy cleaning. All you need is a sponge and some warm water to give the plates a quick wipe down before storing it away, ready for the next batch. Best of all, the small squares produce decently sized waffles that can easily contain a large amount of syrup or butter.

Drawbacks: Limited to just one type of waffle

The only downside to this apparatus is that is only limited to classic waffles and does not produce thick Belgian ones. A few users also reported that there was a very mild plastic-like smell upon their first usage but that quickly went away.

A recommended buy

Overall, this is the type of appliance that would suit both budding and more experienced cooks. The waffle maker is also recommended to individuals on a limited budget because it is surprisingly affordable, without skimping on quality. It heats easily and the instruction manual is clear and concise enough for newbies to understand. This stainless steel appliance is entirely made of stainless steel and black. It is covered by a limited 3 year warranty. The Cuisinart iron is sold by Sotabletop on Amazon. It’s also available on the Cuisinart website.