Disney DCM-1 Mouse Waffle Maker
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An easy to use iron designed for kids

In this review, we shall dive into the benefits and drawbacks of the Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker while analyzing its primary features, ease of use and other technical details. This waffle maker is manufactured by Disney and has been especially designed to encourage kids to have breakfast every morning. Indeed, this unit is equipped with special plates that will shape your waffles into a roundish Mickey Mouse face, complete with the famous mouse ears. A popular product among adults and children alike, this iron is simple to operate and yields fluffy, evenly cooked waffles every time.

Compact enough to facilitate storage

This apparatus is suited to anyone who is short on space. Circular and compact, the waffle maker claims little counter space and is small enough to store in cabinets. Users can wrap the cord around the wide square handle before putting it away. Thanks to its dimensions, this waffle maker delivers 7” waffles, with the overall thickness depending on the consistency of your batter. Moreover, the cord is long enough which means that you can place it anywhere you want.

Nonstick plates for healthy treats

The Mickey-shaped plates are coated with a nonstick feature which will prevent sticking and clumping of the better. This facilitates wash up because there’s no residue left behind. The non-stick feature is suitable to families who are trying to watch their weight and overall health because it does not require any additional oil or butter. The plates are just deep enough to produce a thick texture without interfering with the Mickey Mouse face stamp.

Easy to operate

This is one of the easiest waffle makers to operate. It does not have any heavy flip feature which makes it simple for kids to handle. The squares are spaced out in such a way so as to encourage an even baking process. Most importantly, the plates are heavy and can tightly press the batter together to prevent the waffles from rising too much. This results in a crispy treat with a sweet, soft interior. Users won’t be faced with any unnecessary programs: all you have to do is pour in the batter, close the lid and wait for the waffles to be ready. While the exterior heats up during the baking process, the handles remain cool which makes it safe for kids to operate.

Mickey Shaped Indicator Lights

The appliance comes with a series of indicator lights that are designed to facilitate the baking process. The lights are shaped in the same Mickey face for an added touch of fun. As with most good-quality appliances, one light turns on to indicate that the plates are well preheated, while the second visual warning signifies that the waffles are cooked. This product requires very little time to heat up and the waffles can be ready in five minutes or less.

Brushed stainless steel for extra durability

Another feature which users might enjoy is the brushed stainless steel body of this waffle maker. Durable and rust-resistance, this material can withstand cracks and spills. In fact, if any batter spills on the appliance, a warm and damp sponge can clean it up. The unit is enhanced by the occasional splash of black and silver which can easily blend in several types of kitchen decors.


The only problem which users might have to face is that the mouse ears tend to cook ahead of the waffles. However, a simple remedy to this problem would be to go for a more consistent batter and add a few extra dollops on the ear parts before you close the lid. This ensures an equal baking time without overcooking any part of the waffle. Moreover, the ear sections are designed to accommodate a thick coating of syrup before you pour the batter in to prevent burning.

A recommended product

The uniquely shaped Waffle Maker is a recommended product, especially if you have small children who are fussy about breakfast. A fun and easy appliance to operate, the iron can also be used to make other treats like Mickey-shaped grilled sandwiches or pancakes. This unit is available on Amazon and protected by a 30-day return system. Overall, the waffle iron can be considered as an excellent addition to any household, especially considering its ease of use and budget-friendly price.