Belgian Waffle Maker
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Indulge in some super thick waffles with this user-friendly iron

If you’re thinking of investing in a good-quality waffle iron, read on for a review of the Presto FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker. This review will focus on the technical features, advantages and drawbacks of this appliance. Manufactured by Presto, this item is among the most popular and practical irons on the market. Users who have a special penchant for generously-sized Belgian waffles will undoubtedly appreciate the Presto iron because it never fails to live up to its name. Indeed, the plates are hollow enough to yield a super-thick, soft-centred waffle with crispy edges.

Professional design with a solid Dual Function base

This item is surprisingly well-built with a restaurant-quality design and, most importantly, non-stick plates. A tiny brush of oil or butter goes a long way with this iron and, in contrast to other poorly-built irons, you will never have to prise or scrape the cooked batter away from the plates. The tapered studs certainly provide an easy release while helping users cut back on any greasing ingredient like oil or butter. Thanks to the dual function base, you will also be able to flip the plates over to ensure even cooking on both side of the waffle. This base also makes it easy for the iron to stand upright and lock into place for storage.

Handy battery operated timer with an automatic turn-off feature

It also very conveniently boasts of a battery-powered timer which will allow you to avoid any risk of burning the batter, even if you have to step into the other room. So, all you have to do is pour in your batter, program it for two to three minutes and wait for it to beep once the waffles are ready. Open it and you’ll be greeted with the gloriously sweet, cosy smell of homemade waffles. The automatic turn-off feature also eliminates the need to constantly open and close the lid to check if your waffles are done.

Delectably deep plates

This appliance features generously-sized plates that are much deeper and a tad wider than average. Moreover, the cavernous squares can easily accommodate a variety of other additions like raisins, chocolate chips, coconut flakes, cranberries or even dried fruits. This option is rarely feasible with other irons since the extra ingredients tend to squish together or spill out. Best of all, the finishing result is so thick that you can literally drench your waffles in maple syrup or butter without any of the dreaded sogginess.

Rapid cooking time

Unlike other irons, this particular appliance turns your batter into waffles in a mere couple of minutes. Indeed, the plates only require around forty seconds to one minute to heat up and the waffles can be ready in two to four minutes, depending on the thickness of your batter and how crispy you want the final product to be. This product features a convenient separating option which neatly slices your circular waffle into four large pieces, making it easier for you to take them out.


There are any limitations with this product. The only issue is that the cord might be too short for some, depending on where your electrical socket is located. Customers might need to move the iron around to find the best counter space without straining the cord and this can be a little problematic for smaller surfaces.

Overall impression

The affordable price of this waffle iron makes for an absolute bargain. With the number of helpful options that this apparatus featured, customers might expect it to be on the more expensive side but it’s actually quite budget friendly. The automatic power off feature and the digital display are valuable options for any cook who tends to be forgetful. The stainless steel waffle maker comes in an appealing shade of silver and black. Pesto offers a one year guarantee on the appliance. This product is actually among the rare appliances on the market that delivers such generous portions while allowing you to add just about any other extra ingredient. The Presto Belgian waffle maker is easily available on Amazon. Overall, this product is recommended to busy individuals who don’t have a lot of time to cook but who still want to enjoy thick slices of homemade Belgian waffles.