Brushed Stainless Waffle Omelet
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Breakfast in a Flash

Today we shall review the various aspects of the Waring Belgian Waffle & Omelet Maker while taking a look at its various pros, cons, functionality and value for money. Released by Waring and sold by Amazon, this product promises to deliver restaurant-quality omelets and Belgian Waffles at the exact same time. No more frantically trying to keep your eggs warm while the waffles bake: thanks to the smooth-surfaced second chamber, users will be able to enjoy fresh, warm food at any given time of the day- or night. Best of all, the detailed manuals features a plethora of recipes to help you prepare the best waffles and omelets for your family.

Primary Features

Flexible and versatile, this item has been designed to facilitate your life by producing alluringly delicious meals in no time. More and more households are investing in these appliances to facilitate their everyday lives and get food on the table as quickly as possible. Purchasing any appliance is certainly something of a risky move, especially if you’ve never used it before, but luckily enough, this particular product did meet my expectations, except for just a couple of insignificant drawbacks. This waffle and omelet maker comes with a plethora of options designed to facilitate your everyday life. It comes fully equipped with extra deep waffle squares, a browning control knob, non-stick coating and a practical rotary feature to ensure even and easy cooking.

Great tasting Waffles and Omelets

The one thing that users will appreciate with this product is the exquisite taste which it delivers. Indeed, this item does not deliver the plastic-like and rather artificial taste which normally accompany other low-quality cooking appliances. Quite on the contrary, the food produced tastes fresh and healthy, two pillars by which the manufacturer strives to abide. This item is also perfect for busy households because you can let it do all the work while you bustle and get ready in the morning. Other than omelets and waffles, this product can also be used to make frittatas, pancakes or even sandwiches.

Audiovisual warning

This product also features an extremely handy audiovisual warning system which instantly alerts you when the plates are warm enough for the ingredients. Most importantly, the appliance emits a loud beep to let the user know that the food is ready, hence drastically reducing any risk of burning your omelet or waffle. Perfect for forgetful or busy cooks, this audiovisual warning system has been especially designed to provide convenience while enhancing your cooking experience.

Effortless cleaning

Users who aren’t overly fond of constantly having to scrub pans and plates are certainly going to enjoy the easy-cleaning qualities of the waffle maker. Indeed, this product allows you to cook various types of food in the same appliance which largely reduces the number of dishes that you’ll have to clean afterwards. The plates are also generously coated with a non-stick feature, hence preventing any residual batter or eggs. A quick wipe-off with a moist sponge or paper towel is usually more than enough to keep the plates clean.

Rotary Feature for even cooking

While most waffle irons are only equipped with a single hot plate to cook the batter, this particular product takes your cooking to the next level by including a unique Rotary System which encourages even cooking on both sides of your waffles, pancakes or omelets. Say goodbye to soggy and undercooked centers because this appliance ensures that the batter spreads into every single square for a thick, evenly cooked fluffy waffle.

Drawbacks: Lock feature

The only downside noted with this product is related to the slightly loose lock clasp which tends to snap open unless you push down on it. However, this downside is not widespread and normally only happens if the user overflows the pan.

Worth the buy?

Overall, this product is quite a handy addition to busy households, especially if you want to enjoy a nice, warm and healthy breakfast every morning. A recommended purchase for users who are normally short on time, this Belgian waffle iron is extremely versatile and does not limit itself to just one specific type of food. The browning control knobs and thermostat yields full control over the appliance, hence ensuring that your meals are prepared exactly how you like them. The Waring Belgian Waffle & Omelet maker is made of stainless steel and comes in an appealing shade of silver and black. This product is available on Amazon and is protected by a limited one year product warranty.