Double Belgian
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Fresh golden waffle with minimal efforts

This review will explore the major advantages and disadvantages of the Waring Pro Double Belgian Waffle Maker with particular focus on its specific features. Originally designed for commercial kitchens but now adapted for home use, this appliance will take you back to your bygone childhood days when the kitchen used to be filled with the sweet, alluring smell of freshly baked waffles. This appliance is perfect for fans of authentic Belgian treats because the extra-deep squares have been conceived to produce exceptionally thick waffles. Best of all, this product is fairly easy to use, which makes it perfect for new chefs. This iron is manufactured by Waring and sold on Amazon by Discounts Jungle.

Indicator lights for efficient cooking

Budding cooks will certainly enjoy the handy indicator lights that will notify you when the plates are warm enough for the batter. In fact, a very common mistake is to pour the batter on lukewarm plates, resulting in soggy and brittle waffles. Thanks to the audiovisual indicator, users will easily be able to avoid this mishap.

Easy Release Plates

This appliance is enhanced by its easy-release plates that are covered by a non-stick coating. This allows you to use minimal greasing and cut back on calories. Perfect for health-conscious cooks, the waffle iron also facilitates cleaning since the batter doesn’t tend to stick at the bottom of the squares. In fact, all you will need is a warm washcloth or a quick wipe-down with a tissue to clean the plates. The extra deep pockets allow the user to indulge in some special recipes such as topping the batter with dried fruits or chocolate chunks prior to baking. The easy release plates normally yield half to one inch thick waffles, depending on the consistency of your batter.

Convenient design and easy storage

This iron is extremely easy to store, even if your kitchen is on the smaller side. In fact, this apparatus comes with a foldable handle to minimize space while providing an efficient storage option. Users can also wrap the cord around the base before putting it away to make sure that it doesn’t get tangled. This appliance is also smallish and circular which certainly does not hog any counter space. Most importantly, the waffle maker is ergonomically designed with a mildly textured, firm-grip handle to limit accidents. The reflective surface is extremely easy to clean up: indeed, the stainless steel body is so smooth that a quick wipe will successfully remove the stains.

Additional Accessories for perfectly baked waffles

To make things easier for you, the iron even comes with a variety of other accessories, including a large drip tray to gather any overflow and protect your countertop. This is quite a handy feature, especially with the 180 degree rotation device which allows you to flip the pan and ensure even cooking. The lever is light and relatively easy to handle, all the while promising perfectly cooked waffles every single time. The lid comes with a handy lock feature which limits the risks of overflow or spills.

Manual Browning feature

Another accessory which is included in the package includes a manual browning knob which allows the user to determine whether they want light golden or browned waffles. The On and Off toggle switch is placed at an extremely accessible angle which makes cooking even easier. Some people are fond of brown, extra-crispy waffles, something which is quite hard to achieve with regular irons. But, since this iron has been originally designed for restaurant use, it allows users to turn the batter into the exact treat that wish to enjoy. The best thing about the manual browning system is that you don’t have to limit yourself to just one specific type of waffle.

Drawbacks: slightly longer cooking time

The only minor downside that customers might deplore is the fact that this iron require just one or two extra minutes for the preheating indicator light to flicker. However, the function of the extra hot plates is to provide golden and crispy waffles every time. Still, customers who are in a hurry might simply pour their batter whenever they deem the plates to be ready.

An absolute value for money

The best thing about this product is that it provides excellent value for money and delivers excellent results every time. There’s very little to deplore with this item. Quite on the contrary, the Waring Pro Double Belgian Waffle Maker is the perfect tool for both novice and more experienced cooks. This product is entirely made of stainless steel and comes in an inviting shade of black and silver. Users normally receive a one year limited warranty on this product.