Steel Single Belgian Waffle Maker
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Conceived for fluffy, extra thick waffles

Designed to facilitate your everyday life and help you enjoy gourmet food with minimal effort, the Waring Pro WWM450PC Stainless Steel Single Belgian Waffle Maker is one of the most coveted appliances on the market. This review will take a look at the various pros, cons and various aspects of the products to help you make the perfect choice. In spite of its affordable price, this product boasts of a professional quality build and yields delectably thick fluffy waffles every single time. This appliance is perfect for anyone who likes Belgian waffles, because the plates are equipped with extra deep holes to accommodate more batter per batch. It comes fully equipped with several features in the likes of Rotary System, Non-Stick Coating, LED Indicators, Audio Beep tone and even a brushed Die-Cast Base for extra durability.

Easy to use by both adults and older kids

This waffle maker is exceptionally easy to use, even by older kids. In fact, the iron is quite a handy way for the kids to get their own breakfasts on weekends while you enjoy a lie-in. Personally, I tend to be quite clumsy in the kitchen and don’t often find my way around complicated gadgets but I found this appliance to be surprisingly simple, something that’s bound to please novice cooks. Most importantly, this gadget boasts of a speedy heating time, hence allowing users to put food on the table in a flash. Not unlike the [Presto FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker], this versatile appliance only requires one to two minute to heat up and around four to five minutes for the waffles to be ready, depending on how fluffy or crispy you want them to be.

LED and Audio Indicators

The iron also comes with a practical LED and audio indicator to let the user know when the plates are warm enough for the batter. So, all you have to do is pour the batter, close the plates and wait for the beep to indicate that your food is ready. This ensures that you always get piping hot, extra-fresh waffles every single time. The LED indicators even provide a visual warning which flickers when the batter is fully cooked.

Spacious waffle plates for quick and easy baking

Users might also enjoy the spacious waffle plates that allow you to cook more batter in one go. Indeed, the Waring Pro WWM450PC iron is even equipped with a useful two-plate capacity, hence halving the normal amount of time that you would usually require to make a batch of freshly baked treats. The squares are wide and deep enough to produce typically thick Belgian waffles which can easily contain as much maple syrup, chocolate sauce or butter as you want. Best of all, the wide squares allow the user to top their batter with any additional ingredients such as chocolate chips, coconut flakes or dried fruit.

Flip feature to ensure even browning

The Browning Control knob provides the user with customized control over the appliance, ensuring it produces the exact type of waffle that they want to enjoy. This item also comes with a useful Flip Feature to make sure that the batter spreads in every single square. Thanks to this Flip Feature, the waffle will be evenly browned and cooked on all sides. This feature also ensures even cooking which will help you to avoid any unnecessary rising or soggy, undercooked waffle. The flip feature is also quite uncomplicated to use, with a smooth light level for easy rotation. The appliance even comes with a rubbery base to make sure that it stays in place during the flipping process.


There are hardly any downsides to report with this product. The only problem that customers might face is the rather show power cord which requires a bit of re-arranging on the counter. The warning beep is also just a tad lower than other models but this shouldn’t be a problem if you’re in the same room as the waffle maker.

Overall Rating

In spite of these two rather insignificant drawbacks, the Waring Pro Belgian Waffle Maker is an extremely useful addition to any kitchen. The shiny silver and black Stainless Steel surface ensures solidity and longevity of the appliance. The non-stick coating does facilitate cleaning and releases the waffles in one piece without any unnecessary scraping. This product is protected by a 2-3 Year Warranty.