LG WM3477HS Washer Dryer Combo
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Fast, versatile compact washer/dryer combo with 9 washing programs and 6Motion technology

If you live in a small space like a condo or apartment, and are tired of taking your laundry to a laundromat or paying every time you use the building facilities, the 2.3-cubic feet LG Wm3477HS Washer & Dryer Combo is a great alternative. It boasts 9 washing programs so you can safely wash and dry any kind of clothing without worrying about damaging fabrics like silk, and the 6Motion cleaning technology ensures your clothes get an extremely thorough clean every time. The WM3477HS is also fast and gives you total control over all the washer/dryer’s features.

Direct-drive motor and stainless-steel drum

Much of the LG’s efficiency is due to the direct-drive motor and drum. The motor powers all the cleaning and drying functions so up to 2.3 cubic-feet of clothes (about one decent-sized load) are handled well. The combo’s drum is also very well-made. It’s large and made of stainless steel to ensure both durability and reliability. Without a good motor and drum, a washer/dryer has a limited lifespan, but both on the LG WM3477HS are made to last.

9 washing programs

Having a variety of washing programs allows you to wash and dry any type of fabric. The LG has 9 programs, including cotton/normal, delicates, bulky/large, speed wash, baby wear, and a drain + spin program. Having the ability to choose specific programs for each type of clothing helps keep all your clothes in fine shape even with frequent washing.

6Motion Technology

Your clothes can get really dirty. Whether you get caught in the rain, are involved in sports, have kids or pets, or accidentally stain something, you need a washer that’s going to get all of that grime. The WM3477HS has 6Motion Technology, which means every wash cycle uses up to 6 wash motions to get every article of clothing as clean as possible.


Ideal for small spaces

Combo washer/dryers like the LG WM3477HS are most beneficial in small spaces like apartments, condos, and even small businesses. This combo only measures 29x28x37 inches and is under 200 pounds. You don’t have to have a large laundry room in order to enjoy all the benefits of your own washer and dryer.


This washer/dryer is designed for speed. The maximum spinning speed on the direct-drive motor is 1400, which is on the highest range for any washer/dryer combo. This means your clothes get washed and dried quickly, so you don’t have to spend all day waiting for clean clothes.


For a little unit, the LG WM3477HS washer and dryer is very versatile. With the 9 washing programs, 5 temperature settings, and the ability to choose both spin speed and dry mode, you have total control. You can wash anything from silk blouses to bulky beach towels.


Doesn’t dry well on bigger loads

Despite its superior cleaning abilities, the WM3477HS is not great at drying big loads of clothing at a time. The bulkier the item tends to be (bedding, towels, jeans), the longer it will take to dry. You might just get impatient and take it while it’s still moist, and then have to wait even longer while it air-dries. To deal with the problem, try only drying smaller loads.

Overall Review

For a compact washer/dryer combo, the LG WM3477HS is fully-loaded with features. You get total control and versatility with cleaning programs, temperature control, spin speed, dry mode, and more. Any kind of fabric is easily matched with its corresponding cleaning program, and the 6Motion technology ensures that every garment is thoroughly washed. With the reliable motor and stainless-steel drum on the unit, you’ll be using this combo for a long time.