White Electric Combo B00M36HWBE
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Convenient washer/dryer combo uses quiet operation, 6Motion technology, and 1400-RPM to thoroughly clean and dry clothes

The LG WM3477HW is able to wash up to 15 pounds of clothes without producing the kind of life-disabling noise that many other washers and dryers do. It’s ideal for smaller spaces where you have to keep the combo close to your living areas. The combo is also just as efficient as other washers and uses 6Motion technology for a unique cleaning system. A high-speed drum helps keep the whole process fast, so you don’t have to spend all day doing laundry.

15-pound wash capacity w/ 1400 max RPM

At 1400 RPM, the LG spins very fast and is able to handle around 15 pounds of clothes. The drum is also made of NeveRust, so it’s durable as well as fast. The whole thing is powered by a direct-drive motor

9 washing cycles, 5 drying cycles

The LG WM3477HW has 9 washing cycles and 5 drying cycles for complete versatility. You can wash and dry any kind of fabric. Cycles include hand wash/wool, speed wash, sanitary, and drain + spin. Choosing the appropriate cycle helps ensure your clothes don’t get worn down by harsh washing.

6Motion technology

The 6Motion technology on the washer/dryer combo is specifically for the washing process. No matter what cleaning cycle you choose, this technology uses a combination of 6 wash motions for the most effective cleaning system possible.



Doing loads of laundry is very convenient with this machine. You just stick in a load and set it to a whole cycle, so you don’t have to set a separate drying mode in an hour or so. There’s also a delay wash setting, so you can set up a load up to 19 hours in advance.


Most washer/dryers are pretty loud, especially if you have a small place. The LoDecibel Quiet Operation system and direct-drive motor all help reduce the unit’s noise and vibration, so neither you or your neighbors are bothered.

Works in any small space

This combo washer/dryer works in just about any space. Whether you have a tiny apartment or own a small business where access to a washer and dryer would be useful, the WM3477HW only takes up about two feet or so.


Drying takes a long time

Like many washer/dryer combos, drying can take a longer time with the LG WM3477HW. The specs on this unit do say that the dryer is meant for 9 pounds, but the washer is for 15. For best drying results, stay within this limit or try drying even less.

Overall Review

The LG WM3477HW 2.3 washes more clothes than some comparable combos with 15-lb, but dries only 9 pounds, so keep within a 9-lb limit for drying for the best results. The combo is also very fast with a maximum RPM of 1400, and you get 9 washing programs that include the standard hand wash/wool, and more specialized ones like a sanitary cycle. If you live in a small apartment and need a quiet, effective way to wash and dry your clothes, this is a great unit to consider.