Summit ARWDF129SNA 24 WasherDryer Combo
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Energy-efficient combo washer/dryer that’s quiet, convenient, and lightweight

For an energy-efficient washer/dryer combo, the Summit ARWDF129SNA Ariston is Energy-Star rated with variable spin speed up to 1200 rpm. You save money, and can wash/dry up to 15 pounds of clothes. The operation on the Ariston is quiet and convenient, and the whole unit is pretty lightweight so it’s easy to move the combo anywhere in your room and for if you move.

15-lb washing capacity, 12-lb drying capacity

For washing, the Summit ARWDF129SNA Ariston can handle up to 15 pounds. For drying, it handles a little less, as do most washer/dryer combos. You have variable speed power that goes up to 1200 RPM, which is a moderately-fast spinning speed. This allows you to do a decent-sized load laundry pretty quickly.

16 total washing programs

You can wash those 15 pounds of clothes choosing from 16 washing programs. These include cotton wash in heavy, regular, light, or delicates in normal, silk, or wool. You also get a Woolmark Platinum care mode. With all these options, you have very specific control over how you wash your clothes so even thin, fragile blouses will be washed as gently as necessary.

Very lightweight design

At only 137 pounds, the Summit Ariston Energy Star is very lightweight and compact. This makes it perfect for very cramped spaces and businesses. It also makes it easier to move around during moves, initial delivery, and when you want to use it somewhere else in your home.


Energy-Star compliant

The Summit ARWDF129SNA is Energy-Star compliant, which means it meets the California Air Resources Board’s rules about energy-efficient products. It emits less greenhouse gases and saves energy, which ultimately saves you money. This is due in part to the horizontal axis wash system, which needs less water and energy to run.


Wash and dry your clothes night or day without bothering anyone. The tri-phase motor is designed to operate much quieter than other washer/dryer units, so you run the Ariston late at night or early in the morning without disturbing sleeping neighbors.


You don’t need to babysit your clothes while they’re in the machine. The SmartSense technology on the Ariston monitors the moisture level on your wet clothes so the drying time is adjusted based on what the SmartSense learns. The dryer on the Ariston isn’t perfect though.


Doesn’t dry super well

As mentioned in the paragraph above, the drying function on this combo unit isn’t the best. This is a very common problem with washer/dryer combos, and the fact that this is a ventless unit doesn’t help. Try drying smaller loads of laundry and don’t try to dry clothes when you’re in a hurry.

Overall Review

The Summit ARWDF129SNA Ariston Energy Star 24″ washer/dryer combo is a lightweight, energy-efficient unit that has a ton of programs for lots of flexibility and versatility when you’re washing. The unit is also very quiet, so if you live in an apartment where you need to worry about neighbors, the machine won’t disturb anyone even if you use it during sleeping hours.