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Vented washer/dryer combo with a 15-lb wash capacity, quiet operation, and features ideal for RV use

The Splendide WD2100XC Washer/Dryer is a vented combo that holds up to 15 pounds of clothes. In terms of drying, it can handle about 11 pounds. Whether it’s washing or drying, the Splendide is relatively quiet so you can use it at night or early in the morning and not disturb anyone. All these features as well as others (like shock absorbers and a stainless-steel drum) make this an ideal machine for use in apartments, condos, RV’s or even boats.

15-lb wash capacity, 11-lb dry capacity

With its drum and motor, the Splendide WD2100XC is able to handle about 15 pounds of laundry for washing and 11 pounds for drying. In terms of speed, it has a maximum of 1200 rpm, which is a moderately-high speed for a unit like this. Because the drum is stainless steel, the unit as a whole is very durable, so you’ll be using loads for a long time.

13 total programs

The Splendide Combo Washer/Dryer has 10 wash cycles and 3 dry cycles, for a total of 13. These allow you to choose an appropriate cycle every type of garment, making the combo unit very versatile. Washing and drying your clothes can cause more delicate items like silk blouses to wear down quickly, but with the proper program, they’ll stay in better shape for much longer.

Compact design

At only 145 pounds and measurements of 34.8 x 26 x 23.2 inches, the WD2100XC is very compact and ideal for small spaces. Even if you don’t have a laundry room area and need to install your washer/dryer in your kitchen, bathroom, or other cramped space, this combo works for very small areas like one-bedroom apartments, condos, and small houses. Just because you have a smaller living space doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to trips to the laundromat.


Easy to use

Using the Splendide is very easy. You just throw in a load, choose what wash cycle you want, set how long you want to dry the clothes, and push start. You can even add laundry during the cycle without creating a big mess or having to start all over. For maintenance, the filter cleans itself and removes lint, so you don’t even have to do that.

Ideal for RVs

This combo was designed especially with RVs in mind. It has heavy-duty springs, a stainless-steel drum, and shock absorbers all meant to handle travel. Having a unit like this on your RV means you can travel for longer, pack less clothes, and not spend money on laundromats.


The Splendide WD2100XC is a very quiet machine. The brushless AC motor is a lot quieter than other units, so you can use it while reading, watching TV, or even sleeping.


More wrinkles

When you use the Splendide, your clothes end up with more wrinkles than they would with conventional dryers. Prepare to use an iron. Limiting the kinds of clothes you put in the dryer might help as well, as clothes like blouses just get wrinklier than jeans.

Needs to be vented

The Splendide is a vented unit, which means the hot hair needs to be sent outside. No hot air is recycled like with ventless units, so it’s more harmful to the environment and pricier. Despite these drawbacks, vented units are reliable and dry better than non-vented units.

Overall Review

If you own an RV, boat, or small space like an apartment, the Splendide WD2100XC Vented Combo Washer/Dryer was designed with your needs in mind. It uses a vented drying system so you do need to know how to set it up. You get 13 wash/dry cycles for every type of fabric, and you can even add clothes mid-cycle if you need to. The Splendide holds about 15 pounds of clothes, so you can do a pretty big load.