Kawasaki Zero Turn Riding Mower
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Efficient riding lawn mower with OHV engine, an air-induction cutting deck, and hydrostatic transmission

The Husqvarna MZ5424S Kawasaki zero turn mower is special because it uses less energy than other mowers as well as easy maneuverability and a heavy-duty frame. This is because of the overhead V-valve engine which is both efficient and powerful. The inclusion of an air-induction cutting deck also provides superior cutting power, so your lawn will be precisely and beautifully-cut every time you use the riding lawn mower.

24HP FR series v-twin OHV engine

The benefits of an overhead Kawasaki v-valve (OHV) engine include increased power compared to traditional mower engines. It weighs less, so moving the engine parts as the mower runs uses less energy. It also includes an electronic spark ignition and a single-stage air filter. The OHV in the Husqvarna mZ542S is a 24-horsepower, 726cc engine.

54-inch air induction deck

Because the engine uses less energy, that energy is transferred to the cutting deck for superior cutting. The air-induction tech also helps the mower cut well as airflow within the deck itself is improved. This all combines into a great 54-inch cutting deck.

Hydrostatic Transmission

Riding lawn mowers are obviously bigger than mowers that you use, so maneuverability is a primary concern. The Husqvarna MZ5424S uses a hydrostatic transmission for more precise movements around obstacles like trees, sheds, and what not.



When you go forward in the Husqvarna Kawasaki, you can reach a top speed of 8 MPH. That’s on the faster end for riding lawn mowers, so you can zip through a large lawn. Going in reverse, the mower reaches 3.5 MPH, which is more than enough speed for backing up.

Good fuel tank size

This mower holds a maximum of 5 gallons in its tank. This is in the middle range of what a lot of riding lawn mowers can hold, so you don’t feel like you’re guzzling gas, but you also don’t have to refill the tank constantly because it’s too small. You can easily mow a large lawn or two on one tank or less.


The Husqvarna MZ5424S Kawasaki is a heavy-duty mower. It’s designed to go up steep hills without any trouble and is ruggedly-built to deal with twigs, rocks, mud, and so on. This mower won’t fall apart after only a few years.


Price tag

As with all zero turn mowers it has a heavy price tag, with this Husqvarna in the upper range of that.

Overall Review

The Husqvarna Kawasaki MZ5424S (967003903) is a heavy-duty, powerful mower with a very efficient engine. If you have a hilly lawn, this mower effortlessly climbs them at a fast pace while cutting your grass precisely and evenly. Additionally, the zero-turn and hydrostatic transmission allow you to easily maneuver around trees and other obstacles without leaving behind tall patches.