Husqvarna MZ61
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Zero-turn riding lawn mower with wide cutting deck and hydrostatic gear transmission

The Husqvarna MZ61 riding lawn mower has the features to provide a smooth ride and has a wide cutting deck that cuts more of your lawn on one pass. It also has a powerful engine and offers increased comfort for those extra-long mowing sessions. If you have a big, uneven lawn that other mowers have suffered with, this particular Husqvarna is a good choice.

27HP Briggs and Stratton Endurance v-twin engine

Briggs and Stratton engines are known for their power and reliability, and the B&S Endurance v-twin is no exception. It has 27HP (more than some other comparable mowers) and is quieter, so you don’t feel like you’re disturbing the entire neighborhood every time you mow.

61-inch cutting deck

Another aspect of the MZ61 that offers a bit more than other mowers is the cutting deck. It’s made of fabricated steel and is 61-inches, which is wider than some other riding lawn mowers that can be up to ten or so inches less. The cutting deck uses three blades to give your lawn a precise, manicured cut.

Hydrostatic Gear Transmission

If your lawn is unusually bumpy or sometimes flat with hills, the hydrostatic gear transmission on this mower will be especially useful for you. It offers quick directional change and speed adjustment over every kind of terrain, so you always feel in control, whether you’re using the foot or hand joystick or pedal.



Sitting in a mower for an hour or more can get very uncomfortable. With the Husqvarna MZ61, you get a high back seat complete with armrests and easy access to all your levers so you don’t feel like you’re constantly adjusting yourself to drive the mower.

Mulch and collection capable

Another cool feature of this mower is that you have the option of bagging or mulching your grass clippings. If you want your lawn to be completely clean and clear after you mow, choose to bag. If you want to fertilize your lawn with a fine spray of mulch (which the mower cuts), let the clippings stay on your yard.

Superior maneuverability

Because the mower is so easy to move around obstacles thanks to the hydrostatic transmission and zero-turn technology, you get a mower with superior maneuverability. No more backing up constantly or going over edge spots you missed later with a weedwacker. You can do everything with the lawn mower and reduce your overall mowing time.



The disadvantage to the Husqvarna is how expensive it is. It’s like $5,000 and doesn’t necessarily do anything drastically differently than other, more affordable riding lawn mowers do. However, it does have a wider cutting deck and more powerful engine, so if speed is a big priority for you (like if you do landscaping for a living), this mower will probably shave time off mowing and justify the high price tag.

Overall Review

Overall, the Husqvarna MZ61 zero turn mower is both powerful and efficient. You have total control over where the mower goes and total comfort while you drive. The Briggs and Stratton engine is reliable and technology like the hydrostatic gear transmission mean you can mow large lawns very quickly hassle-free.