Articulating Riding Mower
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Sturdy, smooth riding mower with articulated steering and all-season attachments

With this commercial zero turn lawn mower, you can cut your grass in the summer and use it during the rest of the year with the special seasonal attachments for snow, moss, and leaves. Powered by a professional Briggs and Stratton Endurance engine, the Husqvarna R120S Articulating riding mower offers a quieter ride with side-discharge, a wide cutting width, and compact design.

19.5HP Briggs & Stratton Endurance engine

A riding lawn mower is only as good as its engine. With an easy electric-start, the Briggs & Stratton Endurance has 19.5HP and is designed for durability without the noise. On the Husqvarna, the enclosed engine is built behind you so the exhaust goes out the back, resulting in a quieter ride than other riding mowers, even zero-turns.

42-inch cutting width with side discharge

Another important part of riding lawn mowers is how wide the cutting deck is. The cutting deck on the Husqvarna R120S is 42 inches, so you can cut a lot of lawn with fewer passes. The mower also has a side discharge so the grass clippings shoot out the side.

All-season attachments

Perhaps the most unique aspect of this particular mower is the all-season attachments. You get a snow blade, trailer, moss rake, and spreader. With these tools, you can take care of your lawn no matter what the season is.


Works on all terrain

Whether your lawn is flat or super hilly, this mower works well on all terrain. Because of where the seat is built, you are centered a low gravity point so you are always safe and secure even at steep angles. The mower also has excellent traction, which is crucial for rough patches.


Unlike many other mowers (riding, push, reel, etc), you can use this all year-round. It does a lot more than just cut grass so you have the power to keep your yard at its best no matter what conditions.

Easy to move

Many riding mowers can be clunky and hard to move. With the articulated steering, you get a mower that’s even smoother than a zero-turn. You can easily move around trees, flower beds, and bushes and get every corner and edge of your lawn. The mower is also compact for easier storage and maneuverability.


Not comfortable if you’re tall

This mower wasn’t designed for tall people. If you’re at or over 6-feet tall, you will feel cramped in the driver’s seat. This can be fixed with some seating adjustments that aren’t too difficult, though, so it’s definitely not a deal-breaker.

Overall Review

The Husqvarna 967181801 R120S articulating zero turn riding mower is incredibly versatile, powerful, and ideal for all-year lawn care, whether it’s cutting your grass with the 42-inch wide cutting deck or using the snow blade during the winter. The mower works on all lawn types – flat or hilly – and is comfortable and easy to use.