Zero-Turn Riding Mower
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Briggs & Stratton zero-turn riding mower with SmartSwitch ignition, great maneuverability, and superior cutting technology

If you’re looking for a relatively affordable riding lawn mower with superior maneuverability and cutting technology, the Husqvarna RZ46i offers both. The powerful engine is reliable, and the hydraulic wheel-drive ensures smooth, flexible driving around any kind of obstacle.

SmartSwitch ignition

The convenient features of the Husqvarna begin right at ignition. The SmartSwitch ignition system is key-less and also offers information about all the mower’s safety systems, like the headlights and whether or not the battery needs to be changed. You’re updated right away on your mower’s health status so you stay safe and informed.

Briggs & Stratton Endurance V-Twin engine

A big part of the Husqvarna’s appeal is because of its engine. The Briggs & Stratton Endurance v-twin engine is very durable, reliable, and runs quieter compared to other engines. This model uses a 23-horsepower engine.

Individual hydraulic wheel-drive

Driving the RZ46i is extremely easy and precise. The individual hydraulic wheel drive means you have control over each wheel, and the mower rotates around on its axis for a zero-turn experience. This make going around obstacles like trees, rocks, and so on hassle-free.


Superior cutting

The cutting power of a mower is very important, especially if you have tougher grass. The Husqvarna uses an air-induction mowing technology that increases airflow within the actual cutting deck. This results in better cutting so the grass gets sliced more precisely and evenly, giving your lawn a beautiful, trimmed look.


Another major plus to the mower is its superior maneuverability. With a lot of riding lawn mowers, you get in trouble when you come across an obstacle like a tree. You have to deal with a wide turning radius and often leave behind tall stalks of grass you need to trim afterwards by hand. With the precise control system and zero-turn tech, you can get right up the edge of your lawn and right up to obstacles for complete cutting.

Easy discharge

Dealing with the grass clippings is easy and convenient. The mower has both a side and rear discharge, and you can also choose to mulch your grass so your lawn is covered with a finely-cut, fertilizing layer that will promote lawn health.


Drives slower compared to other mowers

One of the downsides to the Husqvarna RZ46i is that it drives a bit slower compared to other zero-turn mowers. It goes about 6.5MPH going forward, which is pretty good, but only about 3.5 going in reverse. Depending on your lawn size, going over 6 miles per hour is more than enough, and you will never go backwards super fast anyway, for safety’s sake.

Narrow cutting path

The other issue is with the cutting path. It’s narrower than other zero-turns at 46 inches. This means a slower overall mowing time because your cutting path isn’t as wide, and you might have to make more passes. The silver lining is that making those turns is super easy with the zero-turn technology, so you don’t spend that much more time mowing.

Overall Review

The Husqvarna RZ46i zero-turn riding mower (product # 967277601) is a relatively affordable, reliable mower with a great engine. While it might mow a little slower than other mowers because of the narrow cutting deck and overall speed, it’s still a very effective, fast mower with easy maneuverability. Features like the SmartSwitch ignition add more user control, so you can always know when your mower needs maintenance and if all the safety features are up and running.