Zero Turn Mower
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Comfortable, zero-turn riding lawn mower with powerful engine and 3-bladed cutting deck

The Poulan Pro 541ZX Dual Hydro-Gear commercial zero-turn mower offers a comfortable riding mower experience with the convenience of zero-turn technology and total control over your lawn care. With a powerful Briggs & Stratton Professional engine, you can mow through virtually anything, including lawns with tough grass, lots of twigs, and so on. You can cut your grass short or leave it long, depending on your lifestyle and the look you’re going for. Mowing your lawn will be fast and enjoyable.

22HP Briggs & Stratton Professional engine

The Poulan Pro 541ZX is powered by a 22-horsepower Briggs & Stratton Professional engine. This powerful engine is designed to last and run quieter compared to other engines, so you don’t have to feel like you’re going deaf when you ride on your mower. At its fastest, the mower goes 6 miles per hour.

54-inch cutting deck

The mower’s cutting deck determines how much lawn you cut on one pass. At 54-inches, the Poulan Pro offers a wide cut that reduces your overall mowing time. The cutting deck also uses three blades for precise, sharp cuts that create an even, beautiful lawn.

1 ½ – 4-inch cutting height

With this mower, the cutting height range is 1 ½-4-inches. This means you can trim your grass very short (which is ideal if you’re going to be out of town so your lawn doesn’t grow out of control), or leave it up to 4-inches long for a more luxurious, carpet-like yard.


Cuts grass quickly

With this riding lawn mower, you can cut a lot of grass in very little time. The Poulan Pro cuts 2.8 acres in an hour. If you have a really big lawn or work in landscaping, this is the kind of mower you should be considering.

Easy maintenance

When it comes to maintaining your lawn mower, you want to know when work needs to be done. Thanks to the digital hour meter, you know exactly when that time comes so you aren’t inadvertently neglecting your Poulan Pro.

Easy use

With commercial zero turn mowers, it’s very important you are comfortable using it. The dual levers on the 541ZX have foam-padded hand grips so you don’t get blisters, and the seat is designed for added comfort so you don’t get sore or stiff sitting in the mower for a long time. The precision steering system also allows you operate the mower smoothly without frustration.


Battery issues

In addition to the gas tank, the mower uses a 12V electrical system. A problem with this is that the batteries on some mowers die very quickly so you have to replace them after only a year or so. If this happens to you, contact the company.

Overall Review

The Poulan Pro 541ZX is a very effective and efficient zero-turn mower that offers a wide cutting width, easy use, and a wide range of cutting heights. If you have a very large lawn and are interested in getting your first riding lawn mower or need a better one, this is a very strong choice.